About the Society

Society Overview

Committee Structure

The Executive Committee including Office Bearers shall consist of eight (Minimum) members all of whom shall be voting members of the Society.  Executive Committee members shall serve for 2 years. At the discretion of the Executive Committee not more than 2 extra members may be co-opted onto the Executive committee in an advisory capacity only, for a maximum term of one year.

Current Office Bearers

  • President
  • Chairman
  • Vice Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Membership Secretary
  • Treasurer

Office Bearers shall be elected from and by the Executive Committee for a period of two years and may be re-elected.  If the immediate past Chairman is not a member of the Committee in the ensuing year, he will nevertheless continue to be a member of the Committee, additional to the six but without office.

Duties and Meetings


  • The Executive Committee shall have control of the property and affairs of the Society and shall agree its policies.
  • The Executive Committee shall declare the holding of office in rival societies which could add to a conflict of interest.

Structure & Meeting overview – frequencies / format


The Executive Committee shall hold not less than two regular meetings during the year at times and places to be fixed by the Chairman.  Special meetings may be called by the Chairman or by any three members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum.

Code of Conduct for Registered Authorising Engineers

1. The AE (Ventilation) shall provide independent and impartial advice to the client.

2. The AE (Ventilation) shall comply with the requirements described in HTM 00 – 2014 and HTM 03-01 Part B and other relevant documents. In particular:

a) The AE (Ventilation) is defined as a person designated by Management to provide independent auditing and advice on ventilation systems for use in Healthcare Premises and to review and witness documentation on validation and verification.

b) The AE (Ventilation) is required to liaise closely with other professionals in various disciplines.

c) The AE (Ventilation) should have a clearly defined reporting route to the Designated Person and should provide professional and technical advice to APs (Ventilation), CPs (Ventilation), users and other key personnel involved in the provision of ventilation in Healthcare Premises.

d) The principal responsibilities of the AE (Ventilation) are as follows:

    • to provide to Management and others, general and impartial advice on all matters concerned with Healthcare ventilation;
    • to advise Management and others on programmes of validation;
    • to audit reports on validation, revalidation and annual verification;
    • to advise Management and others on programmes of periodic tests and periodic maintenance;
    • to advise Management and others on operational procedures;
    • to advise Management on the appointment of APs (Ventilation) and CPs (Ventilation).

3. An AE (Ventilation) shall exercise his/her judgement impartially. The following are examples of practices which the SVHSoc considers do not display appropriate impartiality and which will lead to disciplinary action:

a) receiving payment or benefit in kind associated with the awarding of a contract;

b) using the appointment as an AE (Ventilation) to promote or otherwise endorse any equipment or service related to ventilation for personal gain;

c) where the AE (Ventilation) fails to declare a potential conflict of interest.

4. The AE (Ventilation) shall take care to describe fully the work to be undertaken when making an offer to enter into a contract for the provision of AE (Ventilation) services. The AE (Ventilation) shall also fully explain the inter relationship with any other associated company.

5. Any request to enter into a contract which conflicts with this Code of Conduct shall be referred by the AE (Ventilation) to the SVHSoc.

6. Should any dispute between a supplier of goods or services to the client and the clients appointed AE (Ventilation) concerning the accuracy or appropriateness of any guidance given, then the matter may be referred to the SVHSoc. for adjudication. (In the first instance contact:- malcolmthomas.vent@btinternet.com)

Meet Our Team

Principle officers for the SVHSoc are shown below and undertake the day to day running of the society.

Ray Hughes
Ray HughesChairman
Consulting Engineer – Authorised Engineer (Ventilation)
Siggi Volkmann
Siggi VolkmannSecretary
Consulting Engineer
Malcolm Thomas
Malcolm ThomasPresident
Consulting Engineer